Module Strings

module Strings: sig .. end

Additional Useful Functions on Character Strings

Wrappers for deprecated string functions of OCaml stdlib

val create : int -> string
val copy : string -> string
val set : string -> int -> char -> unit
val capitalize : string -> string
val uncapitalize : string -> string

Other useful functions on strings

val rev_split : char -> string -> string list
val split : char -> string -> string list
split c s splits s into substrings, taking as delimiter the character c, and returns the list of substrings. An occurrence of the delimiter at the beginning or at the end of the string is ignored.
val bounded_split : char -> string -> int -> string list
bounded_split c s n do the same as split c s but splits into n substring at most. The concatenation of returned substrings is equal to the string s.
val join : string -> string list -> string
join sep l joins all the strings in l together, in the same order, separating them by sep
val ends_with : string -> string -> bool
test if a string ends with another
val pad_right : char -> string -> int -> string
chop or pad the given string on the right up to the given length
val has_prefix : string -> string -> bool
has_prefix pref s returns true if s s starts with prefix pref
val remove_prefix : string -> string -> string
remove_prefix pref s removes the prefix pref from s. Raises Not_found if s does not start with pref